Clients are encouraged to arrange their own transportation to Snake River Ranch. Upon arrival, licenses will be checked in and signed.  All paperwork will be completed at this point. Gear and equipment will also be checked over at this time. Hunter/guide safety topics will be discussed, as well as bear awareness/safety, horse safety, and the rules for hunting on the ranch.  Clients will be given an opportunity to site in firearms and bows. If riding, hunters will be introduced to their mounts and fitted with saddles. 




Clients choosing to stay in town and provide their own meals are asked to arrive an hour before shooting light for coffee and preparation for the day's hunt.  

Clients choosing the full camp option will plan on breakfast one hour before shooting light.  Lunch items will also be provided at this time. 



5:00 am Wakeup.  Coffee/Hot Chocolate/Tea provided to hunter in tent.

5:30 am Breakfast

6:00 am Pack lunches. Prepare gear and mounts to leave camp at first light. Hunters will be prepared to spend the entire day in the field, as weather and animal movements will dictate the schedule. Hunt will begin and end with legal shooting light. 

6:30 pm Upon return to camp in the evening, another hearty homemade meal awaits. Outfitter and guides will coordinate/communicate with one another and with the camp cook throughout the day via cell phone and hand held radios.  Exact dinner time depends on progress of the hunt.

** When an animal is harvested, it will be recovered immediately and transported back to camp.  The animal will be caped out and tagged, the client will then decide if he or she would like the animal transported into town for processing.   If too late in the evening, the carcass will be stored on a meat pole 100 yards from the South Ranch camp or at a meat pole at headquarters on the North Ranch.

Meat will be delivered at the locker at no charge, but the client will pay for processing. Hunters need to check into the office the first day of the hunt and depart by noon on the final day.

Jackson Hole and the surrounding area offers a variety of adventure based outdoor activities.  Once a client fills his or her tag, we would be happy to recommend other activities in the area.